Workshop 1:<br />Day in a Dissection Lab


Who's it for?

Must be qualified in, or training in, massage, sports massage, fitness instruction, personal training, sports science, sports rehabilitation, sports therapy, nursing, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, pilates instruction or be a qualified yoga teacher. Students of anatomy, as well as those wanting to revise or consolidate their knowledge are welcome.

Accredited by both the FHT and STO - Advanced Training, 5 credits.

Approved for 3.5 CPD hours, by BASRaT (The British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers)

This is an ideal day to accompany the Mad About Muscles workshop or our Palpation Skills workshop.

A comprehensive workbook accompanies the day and a certificate of attendance is awarded.


What you'll learn:
Workshop snapshot

This half-day gives you the unique opportunity to see the musculoskeletal system up close and personal.  Experience for real the bony anatomy and muscles with which you work every day. 

Would you like to see the iliotibial band as it really is?

Do you want to find the origins of psoas? 

Or quadratus lumborum - do you know just how deep this muscle is?

Will you be amazed at how thin trapezius is?

Or just what a cuff the rotator cuff truly is!

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Or for Jane's article as featured in FHT's International Therapist - A Deadly Lesson

What you’ll learn:
The big picture

Using prepared cadavers, Jane Johnson, Chartered Physiotherapist, will help you to understand the relevance of bony structures, muscles and fascia

Come and dispel some muscle myths. Come and be amazed!

If you're not too 'anatomied-out' during the morning session, in the afternoon there is a fantastic opportunity for you to visit the College's private collection of approximately 8,000 pathological specimens as well as a number of important historic collections.


"I just want to thank you for a really brilliant day yesterday on the Dissection Workshop. It was amazing and very special to have the opportunity to see everything "for real". The workbook is an excellent reference to the actual day and for ongoing use.", Carole

"I just wanted to thank you for a fascinating, stimulating day in the lab last week.

I felt really privileged to be allowed into the labs like that.  It wasn’t anywhere near as gruesome or smelly as I had been led to believe and I would recommend it to anyone who is practicing massage and wants to improve.  The earlier you can do it, the better.  I think it should be a mandatory part of even the basic courses.

The day turned out exactly how I had hoped – raised as many questions as it answered and certainly helped me to focus on the direction I want to take re massage which will be to develop my DTM & facial release.

Jane, I am so impressed with your breadth of knowledge which is quite humbling and your enthusiasm which is quite infectious!

I’m afraid you’ll be seeing me again!" Phil